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Distinctive you dares to be different

Distinctive Accessories & Apparel

Our mission is to bring international fashion to your front door

Model wearing white and black outfit

Our Company

The Distinctive Accessories & Apparel Collection includes unique fashion apparel, jewelry, accessories and "must have" fun items. The collection also includes designs from selected and emerging up-and-coming designers. The company appreciates the uniqueness and individuality of its clients and offers options for those who enjoy fashion-forward, contemporary, edgy, artisan and/or chic casual looks.

woman shopping in store

Our Services

We work hard to select unique and occasionally one-of-a-kind items. We provide within seasons styles, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.  Designers are well respected internationally and normally do not mass produce.   Distinctive Accessories & Apparel may also provide personal shopping services for your special occasion. 

Pink and purple bracelet bags

Our VIP Events

Distinctive Accessories & Apparel host special events (by invitation only to preferred customers) to showcase their treasures twice a year. Please fill in the customer contact form and let us know if you would like to be added to our VIP Special events. The events are  usually held in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area twice a year.

Designer Lucite Necklace

Latest Trends

Distinctive Accessories & Apparel provides their clients with up-to-date fashion and accessories. Latest trends from Paris, Spain, Italy, Australia, Croatia, Israel, Canada and New York are found throughout our apparel collection.

Dare to Be Different...Gallery Showcasing Our Clients

This gallery highlights the many looks chosen by our clients to showcase fashion styles they like. We have repeat customers who pair items from current and past collections to update their wardrobe. With Distinctive Accessories & Apparel, our fashions remain current from season to season.